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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Letters to Juliet by Lise Friedman, Ceil Friedman

***Purchased through Barnes and Noble

The enduring legend of Shakespeare’s pair of star-crossed lovers draws millions of visitors to Verona, Italy, each year. But that is just part of the story. Every day, letters, frequently addressed simply, “Juliet, Verona,” arrive in the city. They come by the truckload, in almost every language imaginable, written by romantics seeking Juliet’s counsel. Most of the missives talk of love, of course —love found and love lost, love sought and love remembered. And, amazingly, not one letter goes unanswered.

Letters to Juliet tells the story of these letters and the volunteers who have been writing responses for more than seven decades —volunteers who first acted privately, and who are now sanctioned by the city of Verona as part of the Juliet Club. Featuring more than seventy-five heartfelt letters, this poetic book retraces the history behind Shakespeare’s tale and tours the monuments that have fueled the world's enchantment with Juliet and her Romeo.

My Review Comments:

I saw the movie that this book was based on and it is nothing like the book. This book takes you into the part of the movie that you wanted to explore the most of, which is the Club Di Giuletta, the room with Juliet’s Secretaries and how they came to be. It is their story that is so engaging to me. The letters that are sprinkled throughout the book were so precious and filled with little gems of treasures. I couldn’t wait to read them to discover what the responses would be from Juliet’s Secretaries.

A group of women over the span of eight decades has voluntarily answered each of these letters personally. They are citizens of Verona that have assumed the role of "Secretaries of Juliet", replying to the letters. This book enhances the fairytale like quality of everything considered romantic in Romeo and Juliet. Throughout the book there are images of all the sites in Verona, Italy that are dedicated to the romance of the famous couple. It goes from the famous balcony to the courtyard where there is a statue of young Juliet, and continues to her tomb. It also shows you Romeo’s home and a statue that was erected for him as well and, the courtyard where they were married. It is all beautifully wrapped up in the countryside of Italy. What a wonderful escape!

In the book there is a beautiful souvenir pin that was designed by Ettore Solimani Inscribed with the phrase Se ami credi in Giuletta (If you love, believe in Juliet) which I think says it all.

Have a love issue you'd like to share with Juliet? Send your letter to:

Club di Giulietta - The Juliet Club
via Galilei 3 - 37100 Verona, Italia
Tel: (+39) 045 533115
You can also e-mail your letter to

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mailbox Monday

J'adore New York by: Isabelle Lafleche
book courtesy: Harper Collins Publishing

The Botticelli Secret by: Marina Fiorato
book courtesy: St. Martins Publishing Group

The Jewel of St. Petersburg by: Kate Furnivall
book courtesy: Berkley Publishing Group

Maid to Match by: Deeanne Gist
book courtesy: Bethany House Publishing Group