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Hello, my name is Kelly and I welcome you to the Bookend Diaries book blog. I created this blog to share my own reviews of existing and new books, to discuss with other readers what we’re currently reading, update you on my book club picks, and of course, to ultimately support the work of the authors we all enjoy. I am addicted to reading and I thought this would be a great way to reach out to other readers who are as obsessed with books as I am.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Birthday to Audrey Hepburn

I was born with an incredible desire to love and passionate need to give it...
By: Audrey Hepburn

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pretty Happy By: Kate Hudson

In almost every interview she gives, Kate Hudson is asked the same questions: What do you eat? How do you stay so fit? What workout do you do? What’s your secret? Well, the secret is that the sound bites the media loves so much don’t tell the story, and the steps you need to take to have a healthy, vibrant and happy life can’t be captured in a short interview. The key to living well, and healthy, is to plug into what your body needs, understanding that one size does not fit all, all the time, and being truly honest with yourself about your goals and desires.Like everyone else, Kate is constantly on the move, with a life full of work, family, responsibilities and relationships. In Pretty Happy, Kate shows how she honors her relationship with herself through exercise, making the right choices about what she eats, and constantly going back to the drawing board and starting fresh, instead of holding herself to unrealistic standards of perfection and giving up when she falls short. Focusing on the Four Pillars of Health to enhance her well-being, Pretty Happy shows the benefits of:
  • Cultivating an Intuitive Relationship With Your Body
  • Eating Well
  • Awakening Your Body through movement
  • The Miracle of Mindfullness
Full of questionnaires to help you assess your Body Type and your stress levels, advice about cleanses and keeping your diet and body balanced, and plenty of interactive Drawing Board exercises, Pretty Happy is a beautiful, insightful, and personal look at health from the inside out, an authentic plan for an authentic life from a woman who truly lives what she speaks.

This is a book that I think every woman should read, it is a wonderful guide to shape your life. It has a great format and loads of useful tools to help achieve the goals in living a healthy lifestyle. Mind, body and spirit are all covered with lots of exercises that are not very time consuming and gets great results. You will want to do everything she suggests including making your own drawing board to pull from. I think this is a great book to start the new year with and your journey for a richer life in the coming year. It would also, make a great gift for all your girlfriends to enjoy.

Monday, December 21, 2015

This Holiday Season

Merry Christmas to you and your family this holiday season. "May your holidays be the brightest and your New Year full of hope for the coming year."

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Good Gifts: One Year In The Heart of a Home By: Kathie Lee Gifford

Good Gifts: One Year In the Heart of a Home
I’m very happy to announce that  “Good Gifts: One Year In the Heart of a Home,” will be back this year and available for purchase. The book celebrates beautiful memories with my family featuring a combination of pictures, scriptures, and some one my favorite recipes. It also celebrates all that is good about life, friendship and love for all who have been part of my life.
This year’s edition will also include a very special dedication and a few more delicious recipes. All proceeds will be donated to families in need during this holiday season through The Salvation Army’s Red Box Campaign, which provides a box of gifts like non-perishable foods, Christmas CDs, DVDs, toys, hats and gloves to less privileged families.
 “Good Gifts: One Year In The Heart Of A Home,” is available in limited quantities at

As a personal note, I did purchase this book and it is a wonderful addition to my collection. Besides, the fact that all the money goes to the, "The Salvation Army's Red Box Campaign." Which helps so many families that are in need to have a better Christmas then they thought was possible. The book is beautiful, packed filled with lots of gorgeous photos, and recipes, and stories, along with scriptures to make your holiday even more special. I just love books that have a cause behind them, to help people in the charity of giving. Which is what Christmas is all about, the joy of giving to others. You won't regret this special gift for someone special on your Christmas list.

My Journey By: Donna Karan

Donna Karan was born into the fashion business—her father was a tailor, and her mother was a showroom model and Seventh Avenue saleswoman—yet Karan dreamed of becoming a dancer like Martha Graham or a singer like Barbra Streisand. Fashion was her destiny, though. My Journey traces Karan’s early days as an intern at Anne Klein, the creation of her Seven Easy Pieces (which forever changed the way working women dressed), and the meteoric rise of her company. Along with juicy industry stories, Karan candidly discusses her difficult mother and traumatic childhood, her turbulent romantic life, all the loved ones she has lost over the years, and the personal awakening that occurred just as she reached the height of professional and financial success.

That awakening set Karan down a path of spiritual discovery and self-improvement. From est to Kabbalah, from silent retreats to leech therapy, Karan tried everything to find, as she writes, “calm in the chaos.” But she also reveals how a chaotic life, fueled by endless curiosity and childlike impulses, helped her design seminal collections season after season for global powerhouse brands Donna Karan New York and DKNY. She also details how she has channeled her creativity (and her urge to solve problems and nurture others) into philanthropic work, particularly her early outspoken advocacy for AIDS awareness and research, and the creation of her Urban Zen Foundation, focusing on integrated healthcare and education as well as preservation of culture, which led to her current efforts in Haiti.

Karan’s life has been crowded with glamorous characters and adventures around the world. But she sometimes still feels like that awkward teen from Long Island who never fit in—which makes her all the more endearing. Brimming with Karan’s infectious energy, My Journey is about much more than the fashion world: It is the story of a young woman whose vision and hard work made her a role model for women everywhere—a woman who dreamed big, fought to have it all, broke the rules, and loved passionately along the way.

I thought this was a fascinating book, and it is a must read for anyone that is interested in the world of fashion and design. The story of her life and all the dreams that she was destined to achieve was truly inspiring. It also, discussed her roles as an advocate in so many charities and research to try and solve a lot of the worlds biggest health issues that we are experiencing today. Her passion shows throw out the book and her drive to be the very best in her field is a testament. For all women that have a dream, this will prove to you that everyone has the power within themselves to make it happen.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Beauty At Home By: Aerin Lauder

Style icon Aerin Lauder reveals what it means to live beautifully
Extravagant and fun to be around, Estée Lauder, Aerin's grandmother, loved jewelry and chocolate-covered marshmallows. She adored flowers and rooms full of exuberant patterns. When Aerin was a child, weekend visits with Estée meant ice-cream-and-late-night-TV adventures and spending time together at her grandmother's dressing-room table with its intriguing lipsticks and creams. From an early age, Aerin understood that Estée's passion for family was equal to her love of beauty.

Now, Aerin has made this legacy her own. For the first time, she shares memories of the family celebrations and world travel that formed her sense of style. Aerin opens the doors to her New York apartment, where on any given night she might host a relaxed dinner with firends under a vintage French chandelier or, just as often, an impromptu get-together for her sons. Aerin also reveals how she preserved Estée's heritage in her former Hamptons home while adding her own twists. The traditions Aerin has created in her own family--from pool parties with her sons to walks along the beach collecting sea glass to breezy summer lunches--blend elegance and fun in equal measure.

Throughout this book, evocative photographs by Simon Upton show Aerin's world in inspiring detail and enhance Aerin's insights into surrounding oneself with beauty and family in every aspect of life.

This is a wonderful coffee table book that you can get lost in on any rainy afternoon. Besides, the beautiful layouts of images there is a nice story line flow through out the book. I have always loved Estee Lauder perfumes and products and this just made me appreciate how the empire was built on such beauty and grace. It really is everything that you would expect from someone with a family last name, "Lauder".