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Hello, my name is Kelly and I welcome you to the Bookend Diaries book blog. I created this blog to share my own reviews of existing and new books, to discuss with other readers what we’re currently reading, update you on my book club picks, and of course, to ultimately support the work of the authors we all enjoy. I am addicted to reading and I thought this would be a great way to reach out to other readers who are as obsessed with books as I am.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mailbox Monday


  1. Pretty Mailbox. I just added you to the blogroll.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I came to return the favor and wanted to say how striking your blog header is. Love it.

  3. You've got some awesome review books there to work your way through. I'd be jealous if I didn't have so many to work my own way through!

  4. hi Kellie, I wanted to come by and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I so appreciate you taking the time to read it and leave a comment. Thank you,Kathysue

  5. Hi Kelly! I wanted to say Thank You for stopping by my blog and commenting on my review of South of Broad. Since you love Charleston, I think you would really appreciate Conroy's love for the city. I hope to visit there on my next vacation. Your blog is lovely and now I'm a follower! By the way, I just got On Folly Beach too and can't wait to get started on it!

  6. Hi ..

    I'm so happy to find your blog.. been wanting to read good books with a book club but couldnt find ones that fit my taste..

    I'm definetly a follower

  7. I like the mailbox image. Neat!

    Bill ;-)

    Author of "Back to the Homeplace"
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