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Monday, October 31, 2011

A Little Bit Wicked by: Kristin Chenoweth

***Purchased Through Barnes and Noble


A lively, laugh-out-loud journey from Oklahoma beauty queen to show biz sensation. “Life’s too short. I’m not."You might know her as a Tony Award–winning Broadway star who originated the role of Glinda the Good Witch in the smash musical Wicked. Or you may recognize her from her starring roles on TV—The West Wing, Pushing Daisies, and Sesame Street. At four foot eleven, Kristin Chenoweth is an immense talent in a petite but powerful package. Through a combination of talent, hard work, and (she’s quick to add) the grace of God, Kristin took Broadway and Hollywood by storm. But of course, into every storm, the occasional drizzle of disaster must fall, and Kristin reflects on how faith and family have kept her grounded, even in tough times. Filled with wit, wisdom, and backstage insight, A Little Bit Wicked is long on love and short on sleep. It’s essential reading for Kristin’s legions of fans and an uplifting story for anyone seeking motivation to follow his or her dreams—over the rainbow and beyond. Featuring Chenolicious recipes, Kristin’s advice for young actors, and much more!

My Review Comments:

After seeing the musical Wicked with Kristen Chenoweth and hearing her beautiful voice, I was so excited to be able to read a book all about the girl who played Glinda. She is amazing and her story was truly touching to me since it was based on her faith. What a wonderful follow up book to, Wicked and it was such a light and fun read. This book covers her entire life and explains what obstacles you need to overcome to make your dreams come true. It was so interesting to know that she was adopted and that she had struggles just like all of us, and yet she was able to achieve so much. Everything does come at a price but, she has the support of her family and friends to help her along her journey. She shares her humor and lots of delightful stories that you will get lost in. One other thing that I thought was interesting is that she included sprinkles of family recipes throughout the book too. If you have never seen her in Wicked, then I would encourage you to listen to her music. She has an amazing voice and one that you will not soon forget.

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  1. I saw her on Talk Stoop and she's a very bubbly character. She said she's now more accepting of different religions such as gay people which I thought was odd. I wondered if her book would be strange.